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The birth of the Nomad Goal Post, the inflatable rugby pole

Discover the story of the research, design and marketing of an innovative product in the world of rugby: the Nomad Goal Post.

This practical and secure inflatable rugby pole has been designed to allow you to play wherever you are, without leaving any trace, on the pitch you've been playing on.

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The emergence of the idea (2017)

The idea for the Nomad Goal Post was born at the Get Into Rugby congress in Beijing in 2017. The aim was to create inflatable, easily transportable rugby goalposts. 

But how did the idea come about? What was the thought and design process behind it?


The initial concept for the Nomad Goal Post quickly took shape. We finally had our first prototype in our hands. Although it allowed us to move forward, this first version didn't entirely meet our expectations or the market's requirements.

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The initial design of the Nomad Goal Post was based on inflatable poles, fixed to the ground with two stakes. However, this solution proved ineffective due to the weight and incorrect size of the posts. Stability left much to be desired, not least due to the composition of the material used.

Faced with these challenges, we rethought our approach. We wondered whether anchoring the posts in the ground would be simpler and more effective in keeping them upright. In addition, changing the material could help make them more rigid and stable. So we imagined poles integrated into flat bases, fixed to the ground with screws and straps.

Adjustments and improvements (2022)

In 2022, we were finally able to test the installation of our poles next to our offices. We were delighted to see them up and running, but we knew better than to rejoice too quickly. Thanks to this prototype, we were able to identify problems and find solutions more quickly and efficiently.

We modified the prototype live, adding hooks and using straps to improve stability. We also considered more efficient methods of anchoring the poles to the ground, and ways of protecting the ground fixings to ensure the safety of rugby players.

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In 2023, we ordered a new prototype incorporating all the desired improvements, as well as protections for the ground screws. Our top priority was to make the poles safe to use, to avoid any risk of concussion or musculoskeletal injury associated with their use.

Today, we're proud to present Nomad Goal Post, the only rugby post you can carry in a simple bag. Designed for use on grass only, it complies with official World Rugby dimensions and can be set up quickly (15 minutes per post). Play safely and create your own ephemeral rugby pitch wherever you are, thanks to this patented invention.


The Nomad Goal Post is the result of years of research, design and constant improvement. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of this exciting innovation in the world of rugby. 

We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions on how we can continue to improve our product.

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