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Tactical tablet

  • The essential accessory for directing a session.
  • Clip-on shelf with flap
  • Pack: erasable felt-tip pen, 2 x 15 magnets (red and yellow) and tactical tablet
  • Layout: Magnetic side, notepad holder side
  • Color: black

22,60  INCL. VAT

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The tactical tablet is a practical, versatile tool designed for sports coaches, troop trainers and organizational professionals. Allows you to plan and organize training sessions efficiently and clearly. Features a magnetic side for attaching magnets and a notepad side for writing freehand notes. Black color, elegant and discreet. Supplied with an erasable felt-tip pen, a set of 2 x 15 magnets (red and yellow) for marking your players' positions and tactics, and the tactical tablet itself.
It's a practical and effective tool for coaches and organizational professionals looking to improve their effectiveness and communication.

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