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Pixie rugby kit 3-4 years

  • 8 reversible bibs 3-5 years
  • 1 XL size gear bag
  • 6 agility stakes and supports
  • 1 string bag for bibs
  • 4 flat hoops 40 cm
  • 4 flat hoops 60 cm
  • 8 belts + 16 tags
  • 2 balloon nets
  • 1 tunnel
  • 10 flexible studs
  • 8 hedgehog balls
  • 12 emotion balloons
  • 6 adjustable mini hurdles
  • 40 boundary markers
  • 8 Genesis T2 foam balloons
  • 1 Blue basket

378,00  INCL. VAT

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The Pixie rugby kit is a complete set of rugby equipment for children aged 3 to 5. This kit contains everything you need to introduce children to rugby and let them have fun while developing their physical skills.


The kit includes 8 reversible chasubles, so kids can play as a team and easily differentiate between players. An XL-sized equipment duffel bag is also included to store all the equipment and transport it easily. It also contains accessories to train children's agility and coordination, such as 6 agility poles and supports, 4 40 cm flat hoops, 4 60 cm flat hoops and a basket. Children can also use the 8 belts and 16 tags for training. For an extra element of play, the kit also contains 2 ball nets, a tunnel and 10 soft studs. Children can use the 8 hedgehog balls, 12 emotion balls and 8 Genesis T2 foam balls to play and develop their skills. Finally, the kit also includes 6 adjustable mini hurdles and 40 boundary markers to create training courses and games for children.


All in all, the Pixie kit is an excellent choice for introducing young children to rugby and offering them a fun, stimulating play experience while developing their physical skills.

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