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Nomad Goal Post

We are proud to present our latest invention: the "Nomad Goal Post" inflatable rugby posts. 

After several years of research and development, we have created an innovative solution for developing rugby in countries where suitable playing fields are rare.

Our inflatable rugby posts offer a practical and flexible alternative for playing this exciting sport, using limited space without compromising the safety and authenticity of the game. 

They can be installed quickly and easily, enabling the creation of temporary pitches in areas where it was previously impossible to play.

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We've designed our poles with meticulous attention to detail, using tough, durable materials to ensure longevity. 

They are also easy to deflate and store, making them convenient for transport and use in different locations.

We're excited to see our inflatable rugby posts make their way around the world, enabling thousands of people to discover and enjoy rugby where it was previously inaccessible.

This is an important step towards our goal of democratizing the sport and encouraging its development worldwide.

Join us on this adventure and help us push back the boundaries of rugby by offering fair and accessible opportunities to all enthusiasts, wherever they may be. With our inflatable rugby posts, we're ready to change the game and inspire a new generation of passionate players.


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